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Savvy Ways to Save Money

So you’ve mastered the art of saving money at the grocery store, and are now thinking about new ways to save. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it could also be your ticket to saving some serious money. How? It helps prevent overeating during lunch and dinner—and portion control is a major factor in saving. Plus, making breakfast at home keeps even more money in your pocket.

Here are three affordable, quick and nutritious breakfast ideas.

    ● Greek yogurt with berries. Just 1 cup of Greek yogurt packs 25 grams of protein in only 149 calories. Adding berries or chopped fruit rounds out this breakfast with vitamins and fiber.

    ● Eggs are high in protein, which take longer to digest. This means you’ll feel full for longer. Round out your egg breakfast with whole grain toast, sauteed veggies or chopped fruit.

    ● Oatmeal is a good source of protein, iron, B vitamins and more. Plus, oats contain soluble fiber which helps you feel full for longer and may lower your cholesterol. You can bolster your oatmeal breakfast with berries or chopped fruit, too.

Another easy way to save is by making coffee at home, and using this recipe means you won’t miss out on the coffee shop experience. Take a look at how to make a café au lait.

    ● Brew a cup of coffee using your coffee maker, pod coffee or French press.

    ● Heat some milk of your choice on the stove (be careful not to boil it).

    ● Pour milk into a French press.

    ● Plunge the French press filter up and down until the milk is light and airy.

    ● Pour the aerated milk into your cup of coffee and enjoy.

Bonus tip: If you love the ritual of daily trips to your favorite coffee shop, take your homebrew to go. Find a nearby park to have a sit and sip.

Now let’s look at saving on healthcare costs. About half of Americans take at least one prescription drug, and with rising costs, getting your medication can be expensive. The FEP Prescription Drug Cost Tool is a great resource to find the lowest prices on medication. You can see if yours is covered and what it will cost under your plan. We’ll also show you lower-cost options if they’re available.

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When it comes to saving money, it’s essential to know where your healthcare finances stand. The Financial Dashboard in MyBlue is loaded with helpful information related to your healthcare costs.

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Published on: January 28, 2022