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Better Health and Our Best Rewards Yet

Woman sitting in green chair using laptop in a sunny room

We’re committed to helping our members get healthy. That’s why we reward you for taking steps to improve or maintain your health. To help make this your healthiest year yet, we’ve made our Wellness Incentive Program better than ever—now you can earn up to $170.*

Earn $50 for taking the Blue Health Assessment

Your first step is taking the Blue Health Assessment. In just 10 minutes, you’ll get a concise, personalized plan for a healthier you, including suggestions for realistic goals to help you improve your health. Best of all? You’ll get $50.

Earn up to $120 with the Online Health Coach

To help you stay on track to reach your goals, the Online Health Coach offers valuable support, encouragement and resources. And we’ve made it even better this year: you’ll earn $40 for each eligible goal you complete up to three—that’s $120 in total. No matter if your goal is to reduce stress, exercise more, eat better, lose weight or feel happier, the Online Health Coach can help. You can also get support managing chronic conditions like heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma. 

All the rewards you earn are loaded onto your MyBlue® Wellness Card, and you can use these funds for qualified medical expenses such as doctor's office copays, prescriptions and glasses.

With the Wellness Incentive Program, it’s easy to take charge of your health and get rewarded.

* Up to two members on a contract, age 18 or older, are eligible to earn rewards.

Published on: January 28, 2016