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How to Maintain Your Exercise Routine on Vacation

Here are five simple ways to squeeze in a little exercise the next time you’re on vacation. Working out when you’re away from home can help you continue to make progress against your fitness goals, and keep you motivated and feeling refreshed. 

  1. Take a walk. Wherever you are, go for a stroll every morning. It’s a great way to get to know a new place.
  2. Hop in the pool for a quick, all-body workout. Swim some laps, do a handful of underwater jumping jacks or tread water.
  3. Sign up for a short race or a walk. You’ll meet the locals, and see parts of town that you may not otherwise.
  4. Skip the bus tour and go biking. Lots of destinations offer riding tours. You’ll burn calories, and get to explore off the beaten path.
  5. Purchase day passes to a gym that’s close to your hotel. Research and reserve yours ahead of time, and try to get in 30 minutes of cardio every morning.