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21 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Health

Yoga can improve your health, heal aches and pains, boost relaxation, reduce stress and help keep you from getting sick. Here are 21 reasons to make room for a regular yoga practice.  

  1. Improved flexibility
  2. Greater muscle strength
  3. Straighter posture
  4. Stronger cartilage and joints
  5. A suppler spine
  6. Protection against osteoporosis
  7. Increased blood flow
  8. A more robust immune system
  9. Decreased risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease
  10. Lower blood pressure
  11. Reduced cortisol levels
  12. Better overall mood
  13. Healthier lifestyle choices
  14. Lower blood sugar
  15. Stronger focus
  16. Improved relaxation response
  17. Better balance
  18. Healthier nervous system
  19. Deeper sleep
  20. Enhanced lung function
  21. Relief from chronic pain